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Tax Organization for Massage Therapists

Tax Organization for Massage Therapists

This course is for anyone interested in learning some basic bookkeeping skills for your practice as well as some basic tax information. Julie Hojnacki will be joining me as a guest speaker. Julie is a Tax Accountant located in Winston-Salem, NC. She will be there to answer questions specific to taxes within our industry. In addition to basic bookkeeping, you will learn about estimated taxes, paying yourself, and setting up your business.


Basic Business Kneads – Morning Session

This course is intended to give you the business basics which may not have been presented to you in your initial program. Many massage therapy programs do not have a business class. This is a condensed version of the course I teach at FTCC in Winston-Salem, NC.


Ethical Kneads – Afternoon Session

This is a 4 CE hour ethics class which will satisfy the ethics requirement for the NC Board of Massage and Bodywork therapy. This is a free class is you are signing up for the Basic Business Kneads class on the same day.


Recovery Kneads – Upper Body

This is course is intended to give you the basics of cupping to use in your service. Learn how to spot treat specific areas of the upper body/shoulders with focus on overuse/repetitive use injuries. You will also learn some self-care for the therapist.


Basic Taping Kneads

This course is intended to teach the basics of taping (specifically shoulders). This course is designed to work with the basic cupping course offered to provide you with the skill set needed to work with clients who have repetitive/overuse injuries of the neck/back/shoulders. The cost of the course includes tape which will be provided for you to work with.


Stretching the Benefits of Massage

This course is intended to teach some basic stretches to be used on the table for clients needing some additional help with flexibility. You will learn a series of stretches which can be used altogether as a session or individually to enhance the needs of the client.


Trauma Focused Massage (for Mental Health)

2-DAY COURSE with FREE ETHICS! This course is intended to address the physical manifestation of emotional trauma within the body. We all carry some stress within the body from traumas which we have been exposed to over time. Is it possible that those emotional traumas weaken areas of the body and cause injury? Yes! I will walk you through this information and you will learn how to incorporate mediation into massage as well as reflexology for trauma.


Prenatal Kneads

This course is intended to teach you the basics of prenatal massage. This course is a condensed version of the prenatal course taught for the FTCC Therapeutic Massage Associates Degree Program. You will learn the basics of prenatal work, side-lying work, and draping for the prenatal client. If time permits within the day, and introduction to taping of the prenatal bell will be taught.


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